Books we've read and we like

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  Books we haven't read yet

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    How My Family Came to Be Daddy, Papa and Me, Aldrich (2003)
    The Different Dragon, Bryan (2006)
    ABC: A Family Alphabet Book, Combs (2000)
    King and King, DeHaan & Nijland (2000)
    Tanny's Meow, Ferro (2005)
    Wishing for Kittens, Ferro (2006)  
    Mother's Day on Martha's Vineyard, Ferro (2007)
    Molly's Family, Garden (2004)  
    Zack's Story: Growing Up with Same Sex Parents, Greenberg (1996)  
    The Harvey Milk Story, Krakow  
    Heather Has Two Mommies, Newman (2002)  
    Felicia's Favorite Story, Newman (2002)  
And Tango makes three, Richardson & Parnell (2005)
A book about a non-traditional family of penguins 
Middle Novels
    Empress of the World, Ryan (2001)
The Geography Club, Brent Hartinger (2003) A group of gay and lesbian teens finds mutual support when they form a "geography club" at their high school
    Friends and Family: True Stories of Gay America's straight allies, Woog (1999)
A collection of stories about straight allies fighting for LGBT rights that include children and teachers
Am I Blue?  Coming Out From the Silence, Bauer (1994) 
A collection of short stories about gay youth by established YA authors    
Totally Joe, James Howe
A thirteen year old boy writes an alphabiography- life from A to Z- and explores issues of friendship, family, and the challenges of being a gay teenager.
So Hard to Say, Alex Sanchez
Xio, a Mexican-American girl, and Frederick, new to her school become friends, but Xio's crush on Frederick prompts him to confront his feelings of confusion and face the fear that he might be gay
The Misfits, James Howe
Four misfit students create a third party for the student council elections to represent all students who have ever been called names.
Middle Short Stories
    Queer 13: Lesbian and Gay Writers recall 7th grade, Chase (1999) 25 stories of experiences of LGBT youth at age 13
Middle Essays
    Outstanding Lives, Brelin & Tyrkus (1997)
 Profile of lesbians and gay men and their contributions to society
    Passages of Pride: Lesbian and gay youth coming of age, Chandler (1995)
Six teens tell their stories of coming out
 Annie on My Mind, Garden (1982)    
 GLBTQ: The survival guide for queer and questioning teens, Huegel (2003)      
    Here's What We'll Say, Lehmkuhl (2006)
A story of growing up, coming out and being gay in the US airforce
    Wide Awake, Levithan (2006)
    Two Teenagers in Twenty, Writings by Gay and Lesbian Youth, Heron (1994)
Teens tell their LGBT recognition and disclosure with friends and family 
    Does Your Mama Know?, Moore (1998) An Anthology of black lesbian coming out stories
    Queeries: Questions Lesbians and Gays Have for God, Piassa (2003) Emails youth have sent seeking spriritual connectedness and questions for God
    Growing Up Gay/Growing Up Lesbian: A Literary anthology, Singer (1994)  
    Alone in the Trenches, Tuaolo (2006) The author's journey as a gay man in professional football
    For Faculty and Parents
The New Gay Teenager, Savin-Williams (2005)   Always My Child; Jennings (2003)  
Coming Out, Coming In, Goldman (2008)   My Child Is Gay, McDougall (1998)  
    As Nature Made Him: The boy who was raised as a girl, Colapinto (2000) This book takes a deep look at transgender youth
    What if Someone I Know Was Gay, Marcus (2000) 
Addresses questions about gay and lesbian people
    Acting Out!  Combating Homophobia through Teacher Activism